HOW TO make a Pop Up Book Card


Items Required

  1. Eazi-score Board
  2. A4 Patterned Card or 150 gsm paper
  3. A4 Contrast Card/Paper fpr Stamping
  4. 7" x 7" Square Card
  5. Scoring Tool
  6. Craft Knife
  7. Ruler


Measure inside of your square folded card—cut patterned paper to fit inside leaving a 1/4” edge to the top and bottom.

My card was 6 3/4” square so I cut my

paper 6 1/2” keep the length at (11 3/4”)

Base Card 6 3/4” x  13 1/2”

Patterned Paper 6 1/2” x 11 3/4”

Measure 3/4” down on short edge of

patterned paper and 3/4” up from bottom—mark lightly with a pencil—repeat on opposite edge.

Place short edge of paper onto Eazi-score board and mark Line 3   (2”) - repeat at each side top and bottom

Cut along the marked line so that you have a slit 3/4” down and 2” in on all sides.


Place short edge of paper to guide bar on Eazi-score and score Line 7  from top of paper to bottom

Now score between the cut lines

Score lines 3 and 4—turn paper and repeat

Next scoring is on the 3/4” strip at the top and bottom of your paper.. Keeping short edge to guide bar score DL line 


Mountain and Valley fold along your paper starting with a Valley. The 3/4” strip will fold opposite to the main paper.

Glue side sections only also top and bot-tom strip up to the 1st score line— place centre section to centre of white square card— keeping paper flat, glue in place.

Cut white card for stamping - matt and layer with suitable contrast paper

Add the embellishments and sentiment of your choice.

I had seen this card on blogs with lots of measuring so decided that there had to be an easier way— hope that you enjoy your Pop Up Book Card