HOW TO make a 3 dimensional Yacht - with stand


Items required

  1. Eazi-box shape board
  2. A4 Blue Card
  3. A4 White Pearlescent Card
  4. A4 White Card
  5. Kebab Stick and Black Straw (to hold sail)
  6. Silicon and Double Sided tape
  7. Cord (for Life Belt)
  8. 5mm Embossing Tool

This fabulous 3 dimensional yacht looks difficult but is really easy to make. All you need is your Eazi-box Shape board and a couple of pieces of A4 card


STEP1 Forming the Bow of the Yacht

Cut Blue A4 card in half lengthways, mark centre of cut card (A5 Gatefold) measure down 7.5cm (see pic 1) 

Cut from Top corners down to the 7.5cm mark - making a 'V' shape. Place card onto Eazi-box board (pic 2) score each of

the 3 lines on the remaining 3 sides of your card.


STEP 2  Stern Section

The flat square section (see pic) of your card will form the stern. Where your scored lines cross over, score diagonally from top to bottom (pic 3)

Fold the small lower section forward, pinch in the scored corner secrions to form the square stern (pic 4)


Decorate each of the scored lines with a border peel off. (It is easier to decforate at this stage of construction) (Pic 6)

Apply narrow double sided tape to each side of the 'V' - Press edges together, this will form the Hull of your yacht.


Sails - Place pearlescent card to the bottom edge of the board over the triangle shape, score the triangle. Cut out to bottom of A4 card. Then cut the triangle in half (see pic 7)

Gently curve the sails using either a rolling pin or the edge of your work top.

Roll double sided tape around the kebab stick (this will help it to be fixed securely inside the straw) insert stick into straw.


Place both sails face down. Place a thin line of silicon to back of 1st sail, attach straw. Apply silicon to front edge of 2nd sail attach stick this to the straw. (pick 9)

Your straw should now be sandwiched between the sails (pic 10) Leave to one side to allow the silicon to dry.


 Deck section - using left over blue card - cut a piece 10 cm x 13cm. Score two lines on each long side (pic 11) apply tape below lower line, punch hole in centre (this is for kebab stick)

Cabin - cut strip of blue card 17cm x 4cm. Place on line 3 of Eazi-score board, score lines 4, 6 and 7 move last line scored to line 4 then score line 6 again. (pic 12)

Turn card 90 degrees score narrow line on long edge. Cut 'V' on each line


Fold all score lines. Decorate with border peels offs. (pic 13) Apply tape to lower edge also to shortest side.  Join outer sides together.

Cabin Roof - Cut strip of card 5cm x 6cm decorate with border peel offs. Punch a hole in the centre to allow the sails (kebab stick and straw) to beinserted (pic 14)


 Stand - Emboss the 2nd and 3rd size octagons from bottom part of Eazi-box board. Cut out the smaller octagon (pic 15) Trim around the outer octagon then cut the shape in half.

Cradle - (this is the part that supports the yacht) to form the cradle - place a round shape (I used a roll of tape) (pic 16) to the top of your Octagon, draw around and cut out. do this to both halves.


Strengthening strips for stand - (pic 17) Place white card onto the side lines of your eazi-box board - emboss 2 lines cut out repeat until you have 4 strips approx 18cm long.. fold in 2cm at each end.

Attach strenthening strips to inside of Half octagons 9stand) (pic 18) one top and one bottom on each side of stand


Completed Stand (pic 19)

Assermbling - the Deck, cabin and roof sections. Making sure that the holes punched are large enough for the straw to pass through. (pic 20) Squeeze a large amont of silicon into the hull.. 

Push the straw and kebab stick through the cabinb roof then into the silicone. 


Place eleastic bands around the hull until the silicon has set (pic 21)

Embellish - To make the life belt cut a piece of cord approx 13cm, add tape or glue to each end to stop any fraying..

Curl cord round your fingers and join the two edges together (pic 22) with tape or glue., decorate  the glued section  with the waste edge from a peel off strip. add  peel off sentiment to finish.